Complete 5-Year Series--Solar Bible Bus

By Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Solar Bible Bus with KJV audio Bible
Solar Bible Bus with NKJV audio Bible

**Demand for this fantastic new resource has surpassed our inventory, so we have suspended ordering for the Solar Bible Bus players until more can be produced--hopefully by the end of January. We look forward to getting these items to you as soon as possible, and meanwhile we thank you for your patience.**

Think of it as a radio station in your pocket—with no commercials and all Thru the Bible

Watch Gregg Harris' quick demonstration video here.

Navigate to any study you choose from Dr. McGee or listen to any Scripture passage in either the New King James or King James versions (choose your preferred Bible version at time of purchase). Recharge your Solar Bible Bus by leaving it in direct sunlight for a few hours, and you’re ready to go again.

Added bonuses:

  • Includes an FM radio receiver so you can listen to your favorite Christian radio stations.
  • Listen with or without headphones and in equipped cars, through your car’s speakers.
  • Includes a flashlight with three levels of brightness for unexpected emergencies.​
Dimensions: 4” h x 2 ¼” w x ½” d